Construction inspection with ACS services
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Construction Inspection With ACS Services

Construction inspection with ACS services

Construction inspection with ACS services

The primary objective of inspecting the exterior of any existing house is to determine whether or not it is functioning properly. ACS services is a leading name that facilitates the various inspection required.

Building inspections are required for:

(a)     Footers

(b)     Foundations

(c)     Rough framing, electrical, plumbing and mechanical

(d)     Fire stopping

(e)     Insulation

(f)      Drywall

(g)     Project completion (Certificate of Occupancy)

(h)    Electrical and plumbing inspections

(i)     Heating inspections are required after the work is finished

(j)     Summarize the report information to you on site in clear, plain English,

(k)    Accept telephone queries directly from builders and/or sub-contractors on your behalf


Welding inspection- Weld inspections are conducted for several reasons, the most common of which is to determine whether the weld is of suitable quality for its intended application. Welding inspection requires a wide variety of knowledge on the part of the inspector, including an understanding of welding drawings, symbols, and procedures weld joint design code and standard requirements and inspection and testing techniques.


UT Inspection- Cracks, laminations, shrinkage, cavities, bursts, flakes, pores, bonding faults and other discontinuities that can act as metal-gas interfaces can be easily detected. Strong team of ACS services professionals to provide ultrasonic inspection services.


Masonry Inspection it helps ensure that masonry will be constructed properly and according to the plans and specifications. Such quality masonry will perform much better than poorly constructed masonry since the strength and durability of the masonry is mobilized. As designers and owners see this more favourable performance, their confidence in masonry, and hopefully their preference towards masonry, will grow.

EIFS inspection- our inspection services have been established through knowledge gained from our years of experience, and by utilizing the various standards and protocols developed by other industry experts.


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