What is UT inspection and EIFS inspection?
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What Is UT Inspection And EIFS Inspection?

What is UT inspection and EIFS inspection?

What is UT inspection and EIFS inspection?

Building and maintaining a house cab be a tough job. Once the house starts aging it would start showing signs of trouble. Trapped moisture, water leakages, structural flaws and so much more demand your time and energy exhausting you in the process. You have to take proper safety measures in order to avoid any future problem.

EIFS or Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems are wall solutions that are used for insulating the walls of the building. As time passes, the moisture content starts getting trapped in the insulation vents of the former. Giving the building stucco like finish, EFIS is generally used to remove water from the walls by maneuvering it carefully.

The EIFS inspection phoenix process includes making use of infrared camera and moisture detector. Based on the reading of the probe, the intrusion and damages are analyzed carefully and then taken care of by the experienced inspectors. This can be very useful at the time of construction of a big building or a large construction site. An EIFS inspector can make the things easy and manageable for future with his/her past experience and knowledge.

UT or ultrasonic testing on the other hand is done to inspect the structural integrity of the building which might have been damaged. Making use of the sound energy waves to detect the flaws is an integral method used in the UT inspection phoenix process. This is also very important for a large construction site.

Various inspection processes should be carried out at regular intervals to keep the house healthy. Undetected flaws and minor damages can give way to life threatening hazards if not detected at the right time.

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