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Geotechnical Engineering And Construction Inspection

Geotechnical engineering and construction inspection

Geotechnical engineering and construction inspection

Geotechnical engineering is about understanding how the infrastructure interacts with the ground. Geotechnical engineers deal with many types of infrastructure – tunnels, bridges, dams,buildings, roads, railways, ports and landfills – that are built on the ground.

Before any construction work takes place, it is vitally important to do a site investigation. Failure to carry this out often has had negative and expensive consequences on construction projects.

Combining our expertise in civil engineering construction and design enables them tosafely investigate and analyse sites and determine their present and future stability provide analysis and mapping of technical results obtained from seismic surveys, and investigate subsurface conditions and materials to determine their properties and risks.


Hydrogeological Engineer-

we provide design and analysis of ponds containing discarded oil sands materials, water extraction from soil and sand, and steam injection into wells; and evaluate underground water layers trapped in rocks(aquifers).


Reservoir Geomechanics Engineer (Oil& Gas Operations)-

we analyse the strength of soils, drill holestability, stress constraint, permeability of rock formations and the degree of trapped hydrocarbons in underground reservoirs.


Geomechanics Engineers (MarineOperations)-

analyse the relationship between physical structures and marine geology, anchoring systems, sediment erosion, slope stability,  and foundations for offshore and coastal structures.


Construction inspection-

Because we are staffed entirely with engineers and inspectors, we oftentimes are able to recommend design changes in the field and provide signed and sealed design modifications to the city or county if needed.

Complete photo documentation and professional reporting is used on all residential inspection reports.


Our main building inspection services are complete inspections evaluating all the major systems of the building, including welding inspection, UT inspection, EIFS inspection.


During construction, our staff provides quality assurance and quality control functions to determine if the construction procedures will produce the results required by the project plans and specifications.


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