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Take All The Necessaryinspections With ACS Services For Your Home

Take all the necessaryinspections with ACS services for your home

Take all the necessaryinspections with ACS services for your home

Before any construction work takes place, it is vitally important to do a site investigation. Failure to carry this out often has had negative and expensive consequences on construction projects.


Combining our expertise in civil engineering construction and design ACS services enables them to safely investigate and analyse sites and determine their present and future stability


ACS services provide analysis and mapping of technical results obtained from seismic surveys, and investigate subsurface conditions and materials to determine their properties and risks


Construction inspection

Because we are staffed entirely with engineers and inspectors, we oftentimes are able to recommend design changes in the field and provide signed and sealed design modifications to the city or county if needed.


Complete photo documentation and professional reporting is used on all residential inspection reports.


Our geo reports in Phoenix have been one of the best ones across the city.


During construction, our staff provides quality assurance and quality control functions to determine if the construction procedures will produce the results required by the project plans and specifications.


Our vision is to provide our customers the best product for the job, the best quality and the best pricing.


ACS Services has the equipment and experience to provide all types of fabrications and maintenance, including repairs, refurbishments and custom welding. We are known for our welding inspections in Phoenix.


The usage of latest techniques by our team has made us accessible to some of the minor defects including internal defects, volumetric and crack like defects and many more. This has been possible through our UT inspections in Phoenix.


Masonry Inspection phoenix helps ensure that masonry will be constructed properly and according to the plans and specifications. Such quality masonry will perform much better than poorly constructed masonry since the strength and durability of the masonry is mobilized. As designers and owners see this more favourable performance, their confidence in masonry, and hopefully their preference towards masonry, will grow


Another wonderful thing we provide is EIFS inspection which is actually a multi-layered wall system that consists of the following components:

  • Insulation Board
  • Base Coat
  • Finish Coat



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